Who Is the Real Wizard ?

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I spent many years in the bubble of my living room with all of my T.V favorites. Once a year every year there was always a constant, The Wizard of OZ.

So what if we take that story and do what it did for us took us on that great round about trip to a new place. With the man behind the  green curtain who could fix everyone’s wish, with just a request.

The real wizards identity seemed  left out of the original story except in name. Even then mysterious and never in specific form just a name. This is like a brief look at life. In life after all children learn certain belief sets, such as the belief in Santa Claus the big fat jolly and  generous man. Or the place good or bad we call home.

  But we all learn as we grow. With childhood and the adolescent era over, we are on our own personal trip called life. It will need more than just a wish to get things done.

When I hit the road of life  running I was young and ready to go. Quickly I was at a four-way road.There it was, my yellow brick road with its share of imperfections, as far as the eye could see in all directions. The road that would take me through life with  witches throwing balls of fire, scarecrows with no brains, tin men with no hearts, and many lions without courage. And Dorothy well I started out as she did, searching for my true home. Along the way there will be good people to meet and bad. It’s easy to stand and look at the four-way road with choices to make as far as the eye can see. Unfortunately  choices are  difficult, and when I sat down and waited for the road to straighten out it never did.

 I would venture to guess that around the corners I would be running from a Witch or a flying monkey.  I am sure that many  reading this will understand this journey, so together we will finish it.

 Out of the jobs I’ve had. there have been bosses that are witches and co-workers  that are well, simply scarecrows with no brains . And the world  becomes a place where there are so many that have no hearts. And courage becomes a word without a meaning, because so many haven’t any.

But the place we are aiming to find is the one where everything magically comes together, The Emerald City. On the way we may get married it might be smooth, or full of potholes.  If we have children,  we will have  to have the courage for the responsibility as a parent. So as an adult, instead of finding a beautiful poppy field  to sleep in its life with no sleep. Then learning a juggling act where 10 balls fall from the air and our job is to catch them one by one as they come tumbling  down. These tasks start  once a child comes or it’s just a day in the life of an adult.

 So then the day comes, we begin to daydream about the time when even being  back at  home living with our parents,  or in our first apartment it might have been difficult,  but it started to look like a pretty attractive option to go back to. But the road closes behind us, so like any fairy tale moving forward is our only choice. So if we follow our yellow brick road where does it take us ? Do we really come to the emerald city?  Maybe it’s that place we already are.

I started thinking about aging.  I have come to that  age where idiotically I thought oh good, maybe my life will get a little calmer and easier. By the way that is a fool’s dream on my part. This has been  the year that I walk out of my house carrying a white surrender flag. It was  that or setting my hair on fire. Shocked when I had gotten through this year in my life so far, without putting a bag over my head and breathing in. I actually thought about doing that, until I  realized that I live in a city  where we only get paper bags. So the  worst I could do to myself was  hyperventilating.

Following the road would take me through anything coming my way, managing to find my emerald city. Then I realized, I am living in my  Emerald City placed nicely in the emerald valley.  So when I am the person that helps the Dorothy’s, tin-men, scarecrows, and the  lions, it’s a shock . So where is that wonderful Wizard hiding?

Well folks if they  pull back the green curtain, that little crazy person running all the switches. I am the Wizard!  Surely  I’m not the only one that feels this way . So next time you think your going to crack up. Remember we are the wizards. So maybe moving to the other side of the curtain,and taking our turn, as the lion asking for courage or Dorothy just wanting find her way home. Maybe all we need, is a little help to get there.

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  1. Deb

    Yea First one lol I got the hang of it now . Thank you so much for reading it I hope you will come back 🙂

  2. Rebecca Brockway

    Your website is beautiful, Debra! Gorgeous design and layout! My one comment on your Wizard post: Break it up into smaller sections (paragraphs). It’s overwhelming for your reader to soldier through one huge block of writing. Best wishes to you!

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