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Everyone has a story unfortunately, they don’t all get written.There seems to be a lot of rumors that swirl around the glove that sits high and proud on top AT&T Baseball park in San Francisco. It took all these years to write this. There has always been a sense of mystery of  truth in this story. It’s not mysterious and not even special to a lot of people .  But to our family it wasn’t the glove, but the man behind it that mattered.

This three finger glove belonged to my great uncle. Like so many of the baseball fans, that went years ago and still today to the  Giants games ,he was a working man. He worked for United Airlines as a mechanic. Hands and feet sore and dirty from the work he did every day to support his family. His relief was looking forward to a giants home game.  Right there along the first base line he and my aunt would watch in wonder and excitement as the game began. At the end  of the game win or loss, it was time to resume life and look forward to the next home game.  So you see he was a family man who worked hard like so many, who never missed a game. This is just another story , but this one is true.

The day it started  part of the designing team knew what they wanted and came into the San Francisco Play Again Sports Store. They asked the clerk what old Baseball gloves they had. They thanked her and said they wanted something older. So she told them she had a couple in the back and they were interested in seeing them. They were both three finger gloves. These were old and they wanted to rent one and would bring it back in a couple of weeks .  No mention was made of what the glove would be used for, so they rented it. Well, the clerk wasn’t a clerk and the glove wasn’t just any glove. She was the owner of the store and the glove, well it was her father’s, my uncle Tom.  After two weeks came and went my cousin became a little worried after three weeks were almost over they appeared like ghosts, with the glove never a word of why thanked her and left the store.

Time passed and an old employee came running into the store skidding on the slick tile floor as he came flying in . In an excited tone, he said “Do you know whatt the baseball park is using your dad’s glove for ” excitedly he told her it was being enlarged to be used on the top of the stadium.

The family was shocked of course. And fortunately, another media source was interested and in the April 1997 issue of national geographic, there was a picture taking up two pages showing the glove and a story .

Like I said our stories aren’t always told because they aren’t grand enough. But they are to us and people like us. Even though my uncle passed in 1994, I would like to think that every home game he still sits atop the stadium on the glove and watches every game.

His wife my aunt passed this year she was buried in her giants Jersey and had a Giants funeral. So now I would like to think she has joined him and they watch the games together once more. So when you see the glove remember it was just a working man with a family that loved the Giants Baseball team.

 IMG_0648Original glove .

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  1. Deb

    I know I thought it was time to set the story right .

  2. Justin

    Yes Deb, Thanks for sharing and bringing this story to light. I’ve read other stories of guys claiming to have the glove but we know where the real glove came from.

  3. Toni Pardoe-Ellsworth

    Thanks Deb for sharing this story. Tom and Ellen were my in-Laws and I never knew about the glove. That they were died in the wool Giant fans, Yes we all are still (except my grandson-in-law, but we are working on him). Makes the game a little more special knowing the story.

  4. Linda Hurd

    I am so amazed to have never heard this wonderful account before! When I’m at the Ball Park this season I will think of you and them!

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