Children are like paintings you can only use certain colors on some, or maybe one texture that worked great on your first child may be one that is depreciating for the next child. From first brush strokes to that hardest part of the painting where you want to pull your hair out and give up. To the very last final touches, it’s always a piece of art. Maybe not perfect art, buts it’s their art. Then we need to let go of that piece and move on to continue the next one, yours. You see we are all one special painting, and our worlds intersect and connect to each other. We are all special works of art that are created during our lives. Once we no longer linger here they are continued on by the people who were the closest to us.
Always keep the presence of that person’s lifetime alive. Don’t let this leave just because we cannot see them. They are only in a different room on a different plain one that joins all of us together.
Speak their name often and with love and gratitude, this fills our higher selves with joy and the closest loved ones with gratitude that they are missed but still here.
Life for us is but a moment, a speck of sand in an hourglass, not even a breath of the wind to those that we loved. To us a lifetime.
Now it becomes clear that when our life’s paintings begin on that plain piece of white canvas called our life, that the colors start as bright and warm as a springtime day and get more and more pigment with dark spots along the way.
We are all an unusual piece of art that should always be admired and talked about even after we are long gone on our journeys.




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