HSP well those are definitely letters but what do they stand for ? They stand for Highly Sensitive Person, I have this and I am just figuring out the details.  I read more and alarms begin to go off in my head . I have always had the ability to somehow know things before they happened.  When someone  has a devastating loss that I see I literally feel their pain  Instead of just thinking that is horrible, I absorb the feelings as if they were my own. I read faces as a first impression . For instance, if a Football Player gets hurt I can tell how bad it is before the media releases it . I know this sounds nuts believe me for years it has just been part of my life. Then I started doing research,so I will share some of that with you.


The Sensitive Person .com explains this very well . There are so many others as well that have been very helpful to me .Maybe you have a spiritual consciousness. You may enjoy being alone but you may have also felt like a loner or an outsider. As with many of us, you may consider yourself to be quiet, shy or timid. Possibly you see yourself as introverted or uncomfortable in social situations. There are also socially extroverted individuals who find it hard to fully acknowledge their sensitivity traits uncomfortable around loud noise or bright lights.

You have tried to be strong, aggressive or always up and out there, but it never seems to work the way it does for other people.  Your intuition tells you that you are self-responsible and that you seem to know as much as the others do most of the time. Although others see you as reserved, deep inside you have the capacity to care passionately about people and the planet.

You may also be learning, or already know, that you are:

  • aware that other people’s moods affect you.
  • conscientious and/or meticulous.
  • needing frequent alone time to recover from overwhelm or over-stimulation.
  • rattled when too much is being asked of you.

If you have said yes to one or more of these well then you might be an HSP but this at least gives you a point to start at don’t live one more day thinking you don’t belong we all do !

  • Being HSP Person
  • Learning about HSP

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