Because of a select few from 1762 to 1850’s Thomas Garrett, Frederick Douglas, John Newton, Harriet Tubman and a list of others were saviors for many slaves. Something in their hearts were strong and came shining through to finally help people who never asked to be chained or taken from home sold on blocks,separated from their family, beaten, and killed.

Whether at the slave masters whip or shot for sport. Beaten within an inch of their lives, and so much more. Women whipped and raped, little babies that never saw a free day in their lives. While their African brethren and other peoples paid for living things as if they were shopping in a market, only shopping for souls.

We as a free nation have to bear that hurt and pain this is one stain on America. The British must carry theirs as well as the Portuguese, and others involved including the hunters that hunted them in Africa and were the sellers of their own people. We are all equal in this and in this country and even now over 200 years later an African American president tho placed in the highest job in the land is still stalled and scrutinized and unfortunately color is a part of it .  What percentage of this differs by who you talk to.

Will we ever give up this endless tiring storyline of hate and, the rejection of thousands of the citizens of America?

Humans are but one people under the God of each of our choice.  But the day shall come mark the words of history when our destruction will lay at our feet . To this day the southern states are only partially non-racist. If you can make money for the rich or are as important as they think they are come on over we will bring you into the fold and welcome you. If a child who is poor with no family , or lower-middle class, they are at the hands of those who  have a racist undertow . It’s a hidden truth until it isn’t.

This article only addresses the African Americans, and you might ask why?

In the last 2 years, we have had too many killings of African Americans.  This has not only been done by the white police officers but others including their race as well.  Fear is the biggest motivator, along with a possible mental illness such as possibly PTSD which affects many people all over the world. We, however, live in a country that should be addressing this.

America is a great country but this our stain and we must wipe it as clean as possible.To do that we have to start by building communities with love getting to know the people who belong in this country as much as anyone else does.

I am sure there are many thoughts on this but the every life matters movement means something. I think we need to think about any family who is different but the same as any other American. One together as a country is the only way to fix pain before it is done!



  • Every Life matters
  • Slave corruption
  • Damage done

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