I do not post as any party it is better to speak a universal message. People in the United States have always helped each other. It’s been our history. We must keep that in order to tell those we have hired by voting what we will and will not accept. Will we always agree, no of course not, but conversation and understanding must remain our protection. I know all sides of these issues and have had hard decisions in my lifetime, but  I had choices. Let’s together not lose that when we need it the most. Dig inside ourselves and find the answers that I know will make us one United States.

I am proud of America and I will never turn my back on the people or what we stand for. Small kindness means so much to people now when coming from one of their neighbors or a stranger.
So here it is we hire and fire our state representatives just like we hire our doctors or people to work for us. We hold the power now let’s use it to help ourselves.
These are hard times and no one says they will get better instantly, but we must remember our past. We have overcome so much to get here and in this moment lets stand together all as one and do it again💖
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