Mental Health doesnt need an invite to Dinner

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When the Holidays creep in something in the air naturally  changes. Whether you celebrate or not I think everyone still feels something new in the air besides the cold.  When you put your lists together for dinner on Christmas for example,don’t worry about inviting mental health, I guarantee it will be there good or bad . I talk of mental health as tho it is a person but living with it I respect the fact that it can be a blessing or a curse , and I certainly don’t want a curse coming to Dinner.


Because it is that celebrating time of year I just wanted to write a short blog on Mental Illness/Health.


It is important for anyone who has a friend or family member that has a mental issue to be educated on their specific illness . I will use bi-polar as an example since I am bi-polar and have lived with this for well over 25 years that I know of .


It’s always strange how two bipolar people who are similar in age, habits, jobs or social similarities can be so different. Some are happy to take meds , they know that they would go into a horrible quite possibly deadly depression or on a mania binge.
Mania is  like a drug that  will take you up, and let you  linger there for a while, just long enough to buy a massive amount of crap on credit or a sports car yes this I have done this, or a crazy unplanned trip , yes I have done this to. But when the high is gone without warning there is a drop to the bottom and depression is there waiting. When the mania high sets in I remember feeling great I could conquer the world and so I tried . I bought a car, went on a trip and of course shopping with money I didn’t have. No plans mind you just spur of the moment.  This is a list that can go on forever and will recycle over and over. It is important to note that these types of behavior were pre-medicine for me. I am petrified of a time when I would lose my medication or miss a dose or not take it which some people decide to do . This is the worst thing to do, get them changed but unless a Doctor says to stop do not !


Einstein was reportedly bipolar but more popular the thought that he had Aspergers. He would work for days and nights on his theories, but then crash and not come out of his house for units of time. Patients with Asperger’s have a problem understanding the norm of community , they don’t fit in society as the general public. Do you have to be crazy as they say to be a Genius?


Bi-polar disorder or any mental illness doesn’t pick their victims or the families of those they love and want to help. But with help and diligence, many of these  illnesses can be changed to an amazing level with the right care .


As we go through this time of year or any time quite frankly, remember that the person who has the illness is suffering and if it can be managed with medicine try and get them help .


The last thing that someone wants at the dinner table is an empty chair .


I wish all of you  will have a Season of joy, and that the next year may bring us a little bit closer to having help for all of the people like I used to be. Much more research is needed including just understanding and help.





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