I have Fibro, I am not the Disease!

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I thought I would be thrilled when they started actually calling Fibro a disease and not just a syndrome. It always seemed that it gave the Doctors a reason not to know anything. I guess hearing that finally scientists and Doctors are recognizing this as a disease I should buy confetti and have a party but, still, the same questions linger and no answers seem to come.

So I will say for anyone out there who has this diabolical disease that we are in many ways all one. We need to live with a disease but always remember that we are absolutely not the disease. I will still drive this car and I won’t die on this hill. All of us cannot do what we used to, whether it be knitting, sitting without pain, exercise or many others. Well, the good news is this disease is our own journey and we have to manage somehow to survive so get your gear together because we have a life to live.

We are challenged and yes we are in pain and yes when we will have a good day and if we overdo we will probably have a price to pay. But listening to our bodies and caring for them my hope is we can lower the price.

We are not contagious and our lives are important and meaningful. We need to make sure that we have a good support system, a spouse, online in person related or not, whatever is available. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to who knows we aren’t complaining maybe we just can’t do something that day that we could last week, maybe we are in pain but we haven’t changed who we are at our core. Our lives have been forced to be altered but we can work on things to help relieve this but sometimes we just need a friend or someone to talk to who will listen and support. This can be a very lonely disease without support.

We can also change some of the habits that may be making your pain worse. Diet is a huge one, don’t stop reading I didn’t want to hear this either so bear with me. I had to say goodbye to a relationship I had all my life, the one between myself and sugar. I can have some sugar but not in processed foods it really ramps up the pain scale. But there are many forms of natural and non-processed sugar that I can have within reason.

My family and friends would tell me sugar may not good for me since I had Fibro, Doctors told me, of course, that is standard and an easy part of their job. I was handed out a diet for Fibro, a diet for IC, and 5 others for something else I had. By the time I got done looking at all the things I couldn’t eat I threw them up in the air was frustrated and cut them up and threw them away. So one day I was given the most unlikely angel who dealt with natural health. He made the point that sugar was increasing my pain through increased inflammation finally an actual answer to why. So what did I do? Finally, I  listened amazing how that works. I walked out of the door of that store got in my car looked in the mirror and said I am changing paths and that was in March 2017.

I gave up one thing that I was drinking or eating at a time to see how I could handle it. And then I started physical therapy with exercises that should have been easy but were ones that made me think, is my body really broken?  I kept it up and found something somewhere deep inside of me that brought out that self-satisfaction that I thought I would never have again and my life changed and continues to every day. There is no cure we are the only respite from this disease now that can make the difference, and it is not always easy I speak from experience as many do.

I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, I only have now right this minute and for this minute I have to make good choices and mine is to not eat something or do something I shouldn’t, and yet to do something I really enjoy. To care for my body and health to the best of my ability.

Sometimes it is minute by minute or second by second process, but at the end of the day I look back and I see all of the seconds and minutes I put together, and I made it through the day and other days I look back and think this day went pretty well good for me.

So, make someone happy and love someone and make sure that that person is you because you are the only one who knows yourself and you deserve it!





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