Fibromyalgia – How to live with the fog

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Fibromyalgia, it’s a large and somewhat misunderstood word, but take it from me it has more arms than an Octopus and it has the strength of a python. So I won’t be able to cover all of that in one post, however, one of the questions I hear from fellow sufferers and that I have asked myself  is “Why can’t I remember my name!” Fibro Fog is a mysterious piece of this puzzle that has thousands of answers and yet the ones living with it can’t answer the question themselves.  A year ago I began to think I had Alzheimer’s. In fact, I was getting more and more worried. I couldn’t remember appointments or dates, what day of the week it was and finding words was worse than the first grade in Elementary school. I felt as though my life was one choppy text. My kids were starting to think I was aging at warp speed in front of their eyes or that I had lost some marbles.



Even in jest,  I was wondering do I really want to get this checked out or is it nothing. I had heard of Fibro fog and had suffered since I had the disease but yet I still couldn’t shake that feeling what if? I had done all my research, and still, I decided I needed to talk to my doctor.



The Doctor looked at me patted me on the knee and said Deb this is just something we see very often but don’t worry about it. I felt like asking how long I had to live. I proceeded to ask him so what do I do to make it better or not so aggravating. I half expected him to ask me “Oh  do you need me to answer that?”



I decided it was time to go to the opposite spectrum Eastern medicine. I have no problem letting East meet west when it comes to this disease. I talked to a herbalist and he told me something I had never heard of. I told him I wanted to have something that helped my fogginess and I wanted to cut down on sugar. I was having an affair with sugar since I was a child and I never met a sugar I didn’t like.  He suggested that I start using Coconut MCT’s or spelled out medium chain triglycerides, and stop sugar, it is an inflammatory element and effects the pain of fibro. Oh my God!  He also said that it would help my Fibro Fog and that is was really good for many more things than people even know. So I sucked it up, tried not to cry and thought of the greater good and as I walked out of the door I said no more sugar.


This was about 3 months ago and since then my mind is clearer and my pain is easing.  Making a life change is extremely hard and I never in a million years thought that I would ever give up anything else for this disease but when it came to my brain and my overall health and pain levels, I felt like I was finally fighting the good fight. Living with this is a fight and never think it is not but in order to win or at least be a formidable partner we have to bring our A-game.


I am not a doctor but if you have an open-minded doctor or a herbalist or naturopath or if you can find one, questions are well worth asking.  It is not a cure but for me, less pain and clearer thinking made my choice to continue easier. And remember healthy natural sugar from fruits or good food and cutting down on starches is the right way to go. diet sodas and anything sugar-free make sure that you know what makes it sugar-free. Stevia is a good sugar substitute but it is a natural sugar that comes from plants make sure you are not allergic to those if you try this.


It is a very hard thing to do to think about giving up something again after people with this disease give up so much and are very limited in their lives. Honestly, I would not tell anyone with this disease this if I had not  already tried it. I have found my memory is much better and my pain is better on more days than it is worse. This gives me the push to continue to challenge this disease and myself to be the best I can in a very poor situation. I hope this will help some of you and someday and hopefully you can send me feedback on your experience.
Good luck and hope to all of you out there you are champions. 









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