Fibromyalgia : Don’t let it define your life

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Pain, there is a word that we take lightly. No one likes it , but under normal circumstances, it comes and it leaves after a period of time depending on the type, and life is resumed as usual.
But in some cases, it can be severe enough to cause a permanent or partial disability. One type of this pain is the agony that comes with full blown fibromyalgia.


When this Diabolical moving syndrome started getting more attention , people began to call it the lazy person’s disease , we were pathetic, and liars.  Well, 98% of that thought has now gone away, especially when millions of people around the world now have been diagnosed with it . So what type of disease takes from our body attacks it and leaves us looking well for many years on the outside.  In the best of medical terms, it is a soft tissue,muscle and nerve disease. This disease causes debilitating pain throughout the body or just in specific areas depending on the person.


The medical field has been putting forth effort to find something that can help the patients, but they have no real idea what causes it . So who should do the research ? Well in my disease and experience with this disease over more than a decade , I have found, I do the research.  I take responsibility for this disease and do and say and search for doctors that will listen to what I have to say.


For those of you who have had no experience with this,  the only way I can explain the pain is like this, if I took a hammer and slammed it on my hand every day the pain would be only in my hand.   Because I don’t, my pain is spread throughout the lower part of my body. There is also what doctors and patients call flare-ups. I find I am a walking barometer. When the air pressure changes I know it before the news reports it.

This disease has been put forth in the medical community as a non-changing disease . In other words, it does not get worse . I am sorry to tell you this but this is wrong. Unfortunately, people that I have heard of by doing my own research have died, they lose muscle mass or their lungs and other soft tissue and muscles give out. And Lungs and Heart belong in those categories. Also Fibro Fog, this is a loss of short-term memory for minutes, hours, days possibly . It’s not Dementia its just annoying and I use a calendar all the time . I have it and it bothers me but is just another annoying facet of this disease.


Before I had fibro at 32 I hired a trainer.  I needed to get back energy somehow I had Chronic Fatigue and had no energy and was a single parent raising two kids. At first, I felt as though I would die just looking at a treadmill. Instead, I grabbed the challenge head on and loved it. I had  a trainer until I was 40, I could hike and run and exercise 6 days a week.  I felt great, so proud of myself achieving my goals. Oh, the pedestal I sat on was so high that when I finally was forced off, it almost killed me. I start lifting less weight, and less and less . Finally, I had to stop I could not take the workouts. I just couldn’t keep up the pace.


It took 2 years of every single test known to man to find out that I had. A mimicking , piggybacking,body destroyer, Fibromyalgia. I know this sounds dramatic but it isn’t when I am so angry at this disease.  Doctor’s now never disagree with my perception anymore of this disease. I got it because of another disease I did not know I had in my bladder. It piggybacked, and in its own good time, it reared its ugly head. Because it turned my body against me I had to be so vigilant and try everything. Pain pills did not work, 8 years after I started them I said no more. I do acupuncture, have had back epidurals, shots, herbs, and vitamins and therapy. I still do almost every one of these I picked the ones that help and through the rest out.


I am now  disabled in my body but until my brain stops working I will write, about this monster. So does it define my life? Absolutely not ! As long as I can fight this I will and I will never give up .

20226-sam_0727 Anghor VatRemember this “When we stick together NO one can tear us apart”






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