Fibromyalgia – A simple wish

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Now that more research has been done on this awful disease we are finding much more, and how complicated the mysteries to it are.One thing that has come up in research in Cleveland Ohio is possibly we have nerves that run through some of the blood vessels toward the top layers of our skin.I don’t know about you who suffer from this like me but this makes more sense to me than so many other things that I have read.This affects your feet, hands, hot and cold sensations in all of the fibro affected areas, last but certainly not least our whole circular system.I don’t know if this is something significant, but I do know that it is something. Fibro sufferers are definitely in need of something.


I decided in March I was done playing with this disease like a sadistic tennis match, I was going to change the rules. I guess some people will say I have, but in those hours or minutes when I sit and my body feels as though someone is pulling me in all directions, and I hurt and I want to hit something or scream or set my hair on fire. I sometimes wonder what would feel better? The hair on fire or pain, it’s been so long with pain a change doesn’t sound half bad to me, in fact, I will take it. If I were to say that to anyone not understanding this disease they might call in the people with white coats and straight jackets!

 People who know and care for people with this might have a different opinion. It is a hard thing to watch someone you care about suffer and know that you can’t fix it. Good news is generally the sufferer doesn’t expect you to. All many of us need is support and don’t be afraid to talk about the “Fibro”, It is the elephant in the room every day we just keep peanuts on hand.

I hope that my unyielding expectation that one day I will hear that they have at least they found just one solid clue will be met. Until that time I will fight and stay angry at this disease while living a positive life the very thing that this horror show of a disease wants me not to do. It may be a patient someday that figures out the clue that leads to the answer!
“Life is our burden but living is our reward”
Blessings to all of you till my pen finds the paper again.💓
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