Are We All Crazy – Understanding Bi-polar Disorder

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depression-1250870_1920I hate to advertise my bravery for speaking on a subject that I neither am  brave or, on my way to becoming another author that spoke out on this subject but that has had only half-baked attention put in its direction every time it’s spoken of.


It’s like some dark force that sits in the corner of a salty gambling hall, playing cards, with the innocent , the sick needing health not a cheap master craftsman of the lie. He lies to our minds and tells  us to see everyone else as a problem.

So Are we all crazy? How do you see mental illness?

During the last decade or so mental illness and medication reached a point of  ridiculous. Without being a Psychiatrist I can tell you it’s pretty pathetic. I live with bipolar disorder people never notice , I even have borderline personality disorder many times these come as a package deal.


Sometimes walking down the street in  the college town I live in, I will see people talking to themselves, or making sure they are invisible in a crowd. Who was that woman talking to and where did she go ? This is the dark question, so what is the reply?


So why now is this critical?  Why not 20 years ago ? In my opinion, that is simple ,not enough public harm to bring it up, to do the research , to stop looking at people as crazy.


Being well medicated with medications that work is half the battle. So that is the other part of this sly disease, that can easily take over your mind . The answer is the trick our minds can play when we feel better.  Telling us we don’t need medicine. I know personal friends and family members who decide they are well, and poof they stop the medication. To be honest stopping my medication quite frankly scares the hell out of me.


People quit for a number of reasons, one of these main problem is talent. We seem to have talent over and above what is normal . And if we lose the use of it , we feel abnormal or somehow not worthy. Why feel that in any part of our lives.


I  hope this just being a small look into this disease will open the door for those who don’t understand the many types of mental illness there are. We we going to cover these in future blogs. For now I hope this has just opened the door, maybe someone knows a friend or family member that might need some support.

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