Deb Morgan
Deb Morgan

Welcome to my Website!

 Hi, I am Deb, here is a little about my blog 

Currently, I am working on my First book about Fibromyalgia from a personal perspective. I have had this and relative syndromes/diseases for 12 years. Also CFS since 1992.

I will be doing Fibro Coaching for individuals and podcasts and webinars and everything I can do to give help to the sufferers and their loved ones. I will announce that as it is set up on all my social media sites listed throughout my site.

I will also be starting a Facebook group at that time as well. 

 I write blogs about Fibromyalgia and share it on my social media as I publish it. I also am working on a monthly message that has information, what to expect from my blog and new suggestions and information on diet or new ways to help ease the pain of this horrible disease. I will be adding a place to supply your email as you sign on. And please don’t fear that. I do not share any information with third parties, or spam you. 

Please feel free to comment or email me with any questions I answer all of these my self and I do my very best to answer that day. 

If you know someone or have this disease yourself then you may have found this page for a reason, I hope my experiences will help you or someone else you know and care for. 


When my book is finished on Fibromyalgia the proceeds will be given to a charity that will be set up for people who have this to help educate them and their friends and loved ones. I would love to hear feedback on this as this is for you. 


You will also see in the menu Mental Health and Drug Addiction these are the topics my second book with cover about my story with both of these and these also may be helpful with the Fibro articles.


                                                                                        Thank you and welcome to Deb Spot!