• Venice Gondolas
    Venice Gondolas
  • Oregon Beauty
    Oregon Beauty
  • Maui Ocean Wave Drop
    Maui Ocean Wave Drop
  • Thermal bathes in Budapest Hungary
    Thermal bathes in Budapest Hungary
  • Oceanside at Sunset
    Oceanside at Sunset

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40 maxims by Jordan Peterson


This List of Maxims caught my eye and it is really very good and easy to get through and keep to look back on. Enjoy! Jordan Peterson on the most valuable things everyone... READ MORE

Fibromyalgia – A simple wish

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Now that more research has been done on this awful disease we are finding much more, and how complicated the mysteries to it are.One thing that has come up in research in Cleveland... READ MORE

I have Fibro, I am not the Disease!

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I thought I would be thrilled when they started actually calling Fibro a disease and not just a syndrome. It always seemed that it gave the Doctors a reason not to know anything. I... READ MORE

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